Arts and Crafts House Remodelled and Extended

We remodelled and extended this beautiful Arts and Crafts house in Croydon, London. The existing house was welcoming from the outside but inside it was cold and consisted of a maze of rooms on different levels. Several rooms suffered from a leaky flat roof. The guiding principle to the design was that all the buildings and rooms should be visually and physically connected, and each room should enjoy views of the courtyard and beautiful garden. The first floor would be extended to create extra space, but the extension would be subservient to the main house by the use of dormer windows.

To ensure that the special personality of the house was not lost as a result of this modernisation, great care was given to the choice of materials, including leaded bronze casement windows, soft yellow bricks, painted weatherboards, and lime mortar for the re-pointing and clay tiles. We ensured the contractor used specialised traditional materials on site.

Distinct Arts and Crafts Home
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