Contemporary Barn in the Green Belt

We were asked to create an exciting barn in the middle of an Orchard (in the greenbelt) to accommodate a racing car garage, equestrian workshop, endless pool, apple storage and central office spaces. We gave the design a contemporary feel as it gazes out upon the rows of beautiful apple trees with large glazed doors and windows for plenty of natural light. Each of the barn's functions are presented openly in a different bay like the shop windows of a run of small boutiques. In one apples are stored, in another someone is swimming and in yet another a shiny racing car sits like a toy in glass box.

During the technical design phase, we worked closely with an offsite timber frame supplier to allow the building’s frame to arrive on site in kit form and minimise the construction time. The building was highly insulated between the timber studs and coupled with a warm roof construction to minimise heat loss.

Barn in the Orchard
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