Contemporary House on a Hill Transformed

The existing house was set up on the hill with a warren of rooms on many levels and a stepped-up entrance. The clients asked us to totally revitalise the house by creating a front extension with a new entrance at the lower level, a new staircase and bedrooms as well as internal reorganisation.

Removing the existing stair from the existing house allowed us to remove internal walls, convert part of the existing garage to accommodate a utility space and make the house more open plan. The Western Red Cedar cladding and curved entrance area softens the otherwise, rather stark existing brick elevation and complements the contemporary extension. This is reinforced through the use of modern building materials such as zinc and aluminium. We carefully modelled the extension and used the software to produce sun path diagrams to ensure the design had minimal effect on neighbouring dwellings.

Hillside House exterior 1
Hillside Exterior 3Hillside House Exterior 2Hillside House Interior 4Hillside House Exterior 5Hillside House Interior 6Hillside House Interior 7Hillside House Interior 8Hillside House Interior 9