Modernist New House in Conservation Area

We cherished meeting these adventurous and open-minded clients at the site to share ideas before they bought the house. We were asked to consider extending the existing house in three places or start with a clean sheet of paper, completely replacing the existing building with something new (allowing them to build VAT free). The build cost for each option were so similar that the clients were confident in us creating a new house which would be truly bespoke, exciting and uncompromisingly modern.

We worked closely with both neighbours and Waverley borough council during the design process to ensure that they were comfortable that the scheme would enhance one of the country’s foremost arts and crafts conservation areas. The result is a beautiful, timber-framed modernist design with an open plan living/dining/kitchen space spanning almost the full width of the huge site. The scheme is defined by beautiful day lighting, high wide doors and clerestory fanlights, areas of solid timber and metal and an unprecedented connectivity to two private courtyard gardens. The house is now under construction with Abode acting as Site Architects and Contract Administrators.

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