New Build Apartments

Hale Road in Farnham is characterized by semi-detached and detached Victorian and Edwardian houses. We agreed with the council that a Victorian/Edwardian tenement style building would be appropriate and in keeping with the architectural history of the area. A palette of features and styles were taken from the neighbouring buildings and adopted for the treatment of the facade for the apartment building.

To keep the roof height low, we adopted an ‘M’ style roof with gables. The roof space was utilised to create two attractive penthouse flats. The façade is symmetrical and composed using a three-storey motive. Verandas have been added to the sides facing Hale Road and Adams Park Road. These provide a human scale to the entrance areas and create a sheltered area for visitors to wait by the door or for occupants to place their shopping while they find their keys.

Hale Road Apartments
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